Family Owned Means Everyone Works...Even the Dogs

My husband is older than me. And with that said he’s a Yankee from New York. His older brother ended up in TN after being stationed in FT Campbell, KY. His wife and her family lived in a small town in TN. Larry Clark, big brother, learned construction and carpentry from his father in law and my husband Chris soon followed training under their leadership.

Chris Clark MC Hammer Pants

We recently found these pictures in the early days of MC Hammer pants and ball caps. Chris is around 18 and his brother in his early 20’s. Now almost 30 years later each brother owns a construction company with the next generation working for them. 

And as you can see from the early day photos both brothers have a talent for the biz and the talent could be genetic or proof yelling at your children teaches them. But the next generations are showing promise.

It's a proud thing to be able to say that all my children work for the family business. But it doesn't mean it's all fun and games. Believe me working with and for family has it's challenges. We bicker, we lecture, we take for granted. But we also find a drive to create work, do a good job, and be successful because frankly the whole family depends on it. 


I always tell my kids that at the end of the day, when we are long gone, if you know you can work hard, do anything someone else doesn't know or want to do, and charge and honest and fair fee you'll never have to worry about work. Which reminds me...Do you need a free estimate?

Chrissy Clark
Bri clark